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Doctor Bill Gates Is Now President of Planet Earth

A couple of days ago, I heard from Fort Russ News, that the US Surgeon General (equivalent of the British Chief Medical Officer) Jerome Adams is to officially dump the Bill Gates-CDC-Fauci nonsense predictions and start moving forward with… wait for it: FACTS! Real data, instead of propaganda. This will annoy (I hope) Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, who have made a media tour, threatening the public that businesses may not re-open for six months to a year, or until and unless governments purchase their conveniently patented, Big-Pharma vaccines. Doctor (actually, college drop-out) Bill Gates is now President of Planet Earth, did you notice the switch. No election. He just is. Laying the down law and telling us what to do, from the heart of arrogance and the depth of ignorance, but bolstered by a degree of self-belief that only a psychotic would demonstrate. Read more....



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