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Does Glyphosate Substitute for Glycine in Proteins of Actively Dividing Mammalian Cells?

A paper was recently published by Antoniou et al. with the bold title, "Glyphosate does not substitute for glycine in proteins of actively dividing mammalian cells."  The paper involved exposing human breast cancer cells to glyphosate for six days, and then using a sophisticated technique called Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) labelling to identify short peptides purportedly containing anomalously heavy glycine molecules. Proteins from both the treated and untreated cells were put through a standard protocol involving mass spectrometry, partial proteolysis, and further analysis, as detailed in the paper.  The cells were maintained on a rich nutritional formulation called Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium. This formulation is a modification of the original Basal Medium Eagle which is four-fold enriched in amino acids and vitamins. It also has a high concentration of glucose at 4500 mg/L. There is no guarantee that it is not contaminated with glyphosate.  Read more.....



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