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Don’t Wait for a Machine — Take Care of Your Liver Now

Your liver is a vital organ that you can’t live without. It weighs about 3 pounds, filters all of your blood each day, and when healthy is the only organ capable of regenerating. In addition, the liver performs nearly 500 functions, including regulating your cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, many people have failing livers and, thus, are one of the thousands waiting for a liver transplant. The good news is a machine has been developed that can keep human livers alive for seven days, rather than 24 hours as is the case now. The machine also seems to help improve the quality of the livers, according to Technology Review. A machine like this, that can keep livers alive for a week, could allow many more people to get transplants, the report said. There are about 17,000 Americans waiting for a liver right now, with an average waiting time of almost a year. Read more.....



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