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October 10, 2010 10:36 AM
Physicians of the Electrophysiology Department at Hackensack University Medical Center recently held a seminar titled, “Atrial Fibrillation and Heart Rhythm Disorders: Everything You Don’t…But Should Know.” In addition to this seminar, a state-of-the-art stereotaxis mobile unit was onsite for a multimedia demonstration of abnormal heart rhythms and their treatment.

Often times people find themselves asking; “Why does my heart skip a beat?” and “What are symptoms of an abnormal heart rhythm?” among many other questions about their heart health. In an effort to educate those seeking answers, John Zimmerman, M.D., co-chief of the Electrophysiology Department and his colleagues Taya Glotzer, M.D., Glauco Radoslovich, M.D., and Gunjan Shukla, M.D., attending physicians within the department and recognized experts in their field, discussed the latest medical advances and treatment strategies available, including Stereotaxis technology, at the seminar.

“Based on the participants’feedback, the seminar afforded people the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their heart health, and how to decipher what’s questionable and what’s normal,” said Dr. Zimmerman. “In addition, the Stereotaxis mobile unit gave our guests an up-close experience on how we’re able to treat their heart disease both precisely and simpler than ever before; giving them a sense of comfort in their situations.”

Stereotaxis is a major breakthrough in cardiovascular care, and these physicians are specially trained in this alternative therapy for heart failure, coronary artery disease, and irregular heartbeats. The machine offers many benefits including accurate, computer-aided magnetic guidance to safely touch the heart; allowing physicians to reach parts of the heart that have been hard, and at times impossible, to access previously. This treatment for heart disease is minimally invasive and can potentially prevent procedures that are more serious.


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