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EMFs & RFs Constantly Invade Your Home Inflicting DNA Damage, But There Is Something You Can Do To Mitigate That

Humans have been evolving on Planet Earth for many thousands of years enjoying an environment free of man-made electromagnetic (EMF) and radiofrequency (RF) pollution, often referred to as “Electric Smog.” Most folks are familiar with environmental pollution especially when there’s a caustic haze hanging overhead and breathing becomes difficult for many people, especially those with allergies, heart and lung diseases. That man-made environmental pollution, also referred to as “anthropogenic pollution,” is caused or influenced by humans. It’s palpable; we can see, smell and often react to it.  Specific classifications of pollution include water, soil, noise, radioactive, light, thermal and visual. However, one very dramatic type of pollution is ignored by those who really ought to know better; it’s non-thermal pollution emitted by EMFs and RFs from technologies, special satellites in orbit around Earth, smart devices and smart consumer products which, unfortunately, most people have become addicted to. Try leaving your iPhone at home! How many times an hour do you check your phone?  Read more...



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