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End nicotine, sugar, or caffeine cravings using these five BRAIN FOOD supplements

Most consumers who indulge themselves with mood-enhancing “treats” like sugar, nicotine, alcohol, or high doses of caffeine, are also paying a price on the back end when the dopamine “crutch” wears off, and they experience what has come to be known as the “chemical hangover.” With the chemical hangover, the only mainstream “relief” for it comes as more of the same, which compounds the pain and agony when it runs out or can’t be accessed due to location. Anyone who smokes, vapes or boozes up regularly knows this suffering all too well, like when they’re stuck at work, on a plane or train, at an event or training, or even at the movies. That’s when the chemical hangover kicks in, whether in the form of anxiety, headaches, energy crashes or just plain depression. Read more....



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