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Every Minute, Five People Die From This

September 17 marked the first-ever World Patient Safety Day, launch by the World Health Organization in hopes of educating the public on the growing issue of incorrect medical treatment. According to a recent report, 2.6 million people in middle- and low-income countries die each year due to medical errors. WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said, “No one should be harmed while receiving health care. And yet globally, at least five patients die every minute because of unsafe care.”  The report, released by WHO, shows that 4 in 10 patients experience medical harm while in primary care and outpatient treatment. Errors regarding diagnosis, prescription and medication use are listed as the most common. According to the report, the error of prescribing the wrong medication costs a whopping $42 billion each year, and surgical procedures deemed unsafe result in the deaths of 1 million people every year. WHO points out that significant financial savings would result from improving patient safety.  Read more.....



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