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Female Pelvic Pain and Symptoms Dismissed, Misdiagnosed and Ignored

#MeToo and #TimesUp are revolutionary movements that have helped women to speak up against the injustices we have been experiencing for millennia. These movements have brought even more awareness to women’s rights and the sexual violence and misconduct against women that are so prevalent in our culture. There is another #hashtag movement that has the potential to change the course of women’s lives and I call it #DoctorRoadShow. I coined this term after overseeing the care of 14,700 women who came to my pelvic healing center seeking help. I heard how they traveled from one doctor to another for relief from pelvic floor dysfunction conditions that include pain with sex, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse or anorgasmia (no orgasms). Many of the women told me they were relegated to the sidelines by their doctors. They often found themselves ignored or misdiagnosed or made to feel that they were crazy. My patients are not unique. As a matter of fact, research has show that women are often marginalized, discriminated against, stigmatized and experience gender bias treatment when they seek healthcare for pain and female-related conditions.  Read more...



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