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Fireflies Face Extinction Threats From Habitat Loss, Pollution and Pesticides

The dance of lights emanating from fireflies is among the most spectacular nocturnal sights in the natural world but experts have warned certain species may be at risk of extinction. Amid a range of threats, an academic survey of firefly experts from around the world found that habitat loss is considered the heaviest pressure on the insects, which include more than 2,000 species. Pesticide spraying and the use of artificial lights at night are the other leading threats to the creatures, which are in the beetle family. Most firefly species aren’t well documented in terms of populations, with substantial data only existing for a few, such as the common European glowworm and a separate species found in Malaysia. But these records have shown declines, raising concerns that fireflies could be facing the sort of woes that have sparked fears elsewhere of a broader crisis in the insect world. Read more.....



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