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Forced Vaccination by the Medical Mafia or Informed Choice?

In the next 18 months, we could see an attempt at forced vaccination. You may not have much of a choice. Is this what you want? I certainly don’t. And even worse, one may need a digital certificate that proves you have been vaccinated or you may not be allowed to renew a driver’s license or participate in many other public activities. We need to rethink germ theory (I need to be afraid of and do something about bogeyman pathogens) and return to terrain theory (I need to take care of my body and be truly healthy). Terrain theory assumes responsibility for the environment in which pathogens can survive but thrive. Terrain theory is a movement towards taking full responsibility for the health or conditions we create in our bodies.  A truly healthy terrain equals far less disease and health issues. Chinese medicine takes the side of terrain theory and personal responsibility. Western medicine large takes the side of germ theory and using drugs to simply manage issues, not getting to their root or encouraging people to deal with their diet, lifestyle and emotional factors. We have been programmed to believe that pathogens are all out to get us and the ONLY solution offered by the mainstream media is a vaccine.  Read more....



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