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‘Forever Chemicals' Found in Half of Drinking Water Systems Tested in Kentucky

Half of the tap water supplies tested by Kentucky environmental officials were contaminated with the toxic fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS, the state announced this week. The samples were taken from water treatment plants serving about half of Kentucky’s roughly 4.5 million residents whose drinking water comes from public systems. The results, released Monday by the state Department of Environmental Protection, showed that 41 of 81 of the systems found at least one of the eight different PFAS for which the state tested. PFOS, a chemical formerly used to make 3M’s Scotchgard and used in military firefighting foam, was the most frequently detected type of PFAS compound. The highest concentration of any PFAS found was 30 parts per trillion, or ppt, of GenX, a replacement chemical for PFOA, which was used to make Teflon. That is 30 times higher than the 1 ppt EWG scientists and other independent experts say is safe. There is no legal limit for PFAS chemicals under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Read more.....



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