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Fracking is dangerous to our health

Anyone who’s seen “Gasland” or “Gasland Part II” (available on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon or PBS) knows about the health and environmental risks of fracking that have ruined so many Americans’ lives over the past decade. But most people aren’t aware of fracking’s radioactive waste in nearly a trillion gallons of toxic water a year, which is contaminating communities across our country. These details were reported last month by Rolling Stone. The industry claims the toxins in the water are low-level and harmless, but University of Pittsburgh testing showed radium levels from 3,500 to 8,500 (below 60 is considered safe). Testing from the Bakken Formation in North Dakota to the Permian Basin in Texas shows highly radioactive fracking water. The Marcellus Shale, underlying Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and New York, has tested the highest.  Read more....



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