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Futuristic Airline Uniforms Making People Sick

When you think about environmental pollution, your clothing is likely not the first thing to come to mind. However, the clothing industry nears the top of the list of toxic industries that pollute water and expose you to dangerous chemicals used to dye and treat the textiles. According to Rita Kant of the University Institute of Fashion Technology, color is one of the main reasons people choose specific pieces of clothing. While there are safe ways to dye clothing, the toxic nature of what is currently used has caused concern. Other chemicals used for a variety of reasons pollute the environment, too, with heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury as well as sulfur, nitrates and naphthol. In 2018, Delta Airlines released new uniforms to their employees. Not long afterward the company began receiving reports of allergic and toxic reactions that the employees believed were due to chemicals in the uniforms. Read more....



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