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Gates and Company’s COVID-19 Vaccine Boosterism Ignores Significant SARS Coronavirus Vaccine Risks Known for Over a Decade

Just as COVID-19 (reportedly caused by the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2) has dominated the news cycle in 2020, so, too, the focus on an eventual coronavirus vaccine has crowded out needed attention to a wider range of prevention and treatment strategies. Self-appointed pandemic guru Bill Gates—through a complex tangle of direct and indirect funding mechanisms that includes being the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) second largest donor—is gleefully leading the contingent promoting planet-wide coronavirus vaccination, unashamedly asserting that a vaccine “is the only thing that will allow us to return to normal.” Gates has the effrontery to make such claims despite financial conflicts of interest blatant enough to be noticed even by the credulous, and a lengthy trail of vaccine-related destruction left in the wake of Gates-funded vaccine programs around the world.  Read more....



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