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Good/Bad News: Feds Save Rooftop Solar, Gut Law Boosting Small-Scale Renewables

Federal energy regulators dealt big electric utilities a big blow today, dismissing a bid by an industry front group that could have ended payments from utilities to rooftop solar customers. At the same time, they gutted a law that since 1978 has required utilities to buy power from small renewable projects. All four members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission voted to dismiss a petition by the Northeast Ratepayers Association, or NERA, that would have stripped states of the right to require net metering, through which utilities compensate rooftop solar owners for energy they return to the grid. NERA, which refuses to divulge its membership, asked FERC to assume that authority, which could have drastically reduced such payments, undermining the incentive for consumers and businesses to invest in solar.  Read more....



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