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Goodyear's biodegradable concept tire regenerates its tread

Goodyear recently unveiled a tire concept that could revolutionize the auto industry. Dubbed reCharge, this concept tire would never require replacements or rotations because it regenerates its tread as needed.  In addition to eliminating flat tires and the need to check tire pressure, the concept's regeneration features would be customized to the driving habits and conditions of individual motorists courtesy of a combination of AI and telemetry data.  The crux of reCharge's regeneration capabilities is a biodegradable, reloadable liquid compound that's recharged by capsules. The compound is fortified by a mixture of dandelion rubber and fibers similar to spider silk, known to be one of the toughest raw materials found in nature. reCharge would push out this paste on demand through pipes to the wheel's surface, where it hardens into new tread.  Read more.....



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