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Got cancer? Same company that manufactured Vietnam War’s Agent Orange and Holocaust’s poisonous gas makes deadly American medicine and food

“How could this have happened to me?” Those are usually the first words out of someone’s mouth when they find out from an oncologist that they have some form of cancer. “I’m a good person.” “I don’t deserve this.” “Maybe it’s genetic.” One of those perplexing statements usually follows next. Most Americans simply can’t fathom that the conventional food industry (that means not organic) could be so polluted with toxins that cancer is a common fixed output.  Then, these same naive consumers head to doctors to get surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and prescription medications for a cell disorder that will get worse and spread when these chemical treatments further pollute their blood and cleansing organs. And who makes all of these evil, chemical-based foods and medicines? The same companies that make chemical weapons of mass destruction for wars. It seems totally unbelievable, yet it’s true.  Read more...



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