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Graphene to Fight Mosquitoes — What Are the Risks?

Researchers from Brown University tested whether graphene could act as a nonchemical mosquito repellant. They had participants reach into a mosquito-filled box for five minutes, with their skin uncovered, covered only in cheesecloth (a penetrable fabric) or covered with graphene and then cheesecloth.  When the skin was uncovered or covered only in cheesecloth, the participants were bitten multiple times, ranging from five to 20 bites during the five-minute sessions. When graphene was used, however, no mosquito bites were received.  Initially, the researchers suspected that graphene would act as a mechanical barrier, preventing mosquitoes from penetrating the skin. But it turned out that mosquitoes also tended to avoid graphene-coated skin altogether, and if they did land on it, they didn’t stay long and didn’t attempt to bite. Lead study author Cintia Castillho, a Ph.D.  Read more.....



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