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Customer Testimonials


* On Greening The Cleaning® from Premier Building Services

Alicia from Premier Building Services.  "I like using the green cleaning chemicals to clean the Pediatric office.  They do a great job and leave the office with a nice clean smell. Also, I know it is a nice safe environment too for all the children that come here."

* On Greening The Cleaning® from Vineyard Bottled Waters

We at Vineyard Bottled Waters are annual sponsors of the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby, supplying the weigh-in station with GTC Sanitizer (DI 18), All Purpose Cleaner (DIN 1), PH Neutral Floor Cleaner (DIN 20) & Glass and Window Cleaner (DIN 13). Keeping our waterways clean and safe for marine life is a core component of the Derby's mission and we have recognized Greening The Cleaning® products as a safe and easy way to maintain a clean weigh station and a healthy harbor for this generation of fishermen and beyond. The GTC® Cream Cleanser (DIN 21) is also a great alternative to traditional bleach and peroxide products for boats and watercraft for winter storage! -Chuck Noonan & Team Vineyard Bottled Waters, Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts

* On Greening The Cleaning® from The Linda Vista

Greening The Cleaning® products are the best we've tried in 35 years of owning/running a motel. Besides being to kind to the environment, they honestly do the jobs they claim. Having a clean motel is foremost in the minds of owners; therefore, we have to have confidence in the products we use. While I make the beds my husband is cleaning the bathrooms. Each product has its own smell and color which makes it easy to grab the correct one. The soothing smells of sage, citrus, etc are superb and is the favorite aspect of using these products. The absolutely wonderful smells radiate throughout the room and, I must admit, since using these products we have not had an argument. That alone is reason to purchase these products. Thank you again for making such a superb product. -Marje Stampfl, THE LINDA VISTA, Jackson, California


* On Greening The Cleaning® from The Goddard School

Here at The Goddard School the benefits we have found after switching to Greening The Cleaning® program and hiring kinderkleen™ as our service partner are cost reduction, toxicity reduction, quantity and space reduction, and most importantly, it is safer for our children, staff and environment, Our partnership with kinderkleen™ our green service and product supplier demonstrates our serious commitment to this cause. -Lauren Baldwin, Owner - The Goddard School, Marlboro, NJ

* On Greening The Cleaning® from Skyway Supply
I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much our customers like the new GTC Stainless Cleaner. We just signed up a medical office building and the head of maintenance told me that the cleaner they previously used on the elevators aggravated her asthma. She was thrilled to learn that our new GTC Stainless Cleaner is not petroleum based and odorless! In addition, the stuff she used to use left an oily film and would ruin her microfiber cloths. She immediately went from being skeptical of the benefits of using “green” products to becoming an advocate! -Bob Carr, President - Skyway Supply

* On Greening The Cleaning® from Sun and Earth

Sun & Earth, a leader in making strong, effective and environmentally safe cleaning products for more than 20 years, congratulates Deirdre Imus for her new, Imus Greening the Cleaning® products (view video, 2MB WMV), developed by The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center® at Hackensack University Medical Center. We are pleased to share the same dedication for a cleaner environment for our children.- John Mullins CEO

* On Greening The Cleaning® from York Avenue Preschool, New York, NY

"Since we made the switch to Greening The Cleaning® products, we can honestly say that our facility is as clean, if not more so, than when we were using conventional cleaning products. Not only is the level of cleanliness consistent with our rigorous standards, we have heard from our cleaning and maintenance staff that they no longer feel the need to wear masks while cleaning and that they feel relieved to avoid daily contact with chemicals that are harsh on their skin, eyes, and lungs."

"The Air Freshener works wonders with bathroom odors. One would never know that we are using non-conventional cleaning products. We are thrilled to be using these products, and feel that by using them, we are contributing to the well being of our families and staff as well as keeping our facility as clean and beautiful as it has always been."  -Bonnie Branciforte Gym Time, Rhythm and Glues & York Avenue Preschool, New York, NY



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