Greening The Cleaning

Halo Studios Embraces Earth Day

HaloThe Halo Studios health and wellness community celebrates the balance between body, mind and spirit.  A fundamental part of the mind body connection is having respect and love for the world around us.  When the New Canaan Conservation Commission announced this year's Earth Day theme "Save the Bees" and asked for businesses and organizations to pledge support, Halo immediately set out to plan a compelling schedule.
To raise awareness, all classes, products and services were renamed or inspired by bees and honey.  Pryority Wellness offered samples of their green smoothies and aromatherapy line.  Local businesses and organizations such as Sweet Pea Farm, Beauty Counter, Orr Family Honey, Kangen Water Filtration and Tower Garden by Juice Plus were featured in the lobby along with Pesticide-Free New Canaan.  Nadine D'Ambrosio from Greening The Cleaning® demonstrated the eco-friendly cleaning products used at Halo Studios.    It was amazing to see how the team at Halo partnered with the community at large to provide products and educational information that will extend the impact of their efforts well beyond Earth Day.  
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