Greening The Cleaning

Long Time Greening The Cleaning Client Celebrates 100 Years

We are a K-9 school of 490 kids.  Also attached is a photo of Kevin Moriarity (on left) who has been our organic lawn care guy for 10 years and just joined our maintenance staff full-time, Clyde Bennett (in middle) who has been one of our custodians using the greening the cleaning products from the start, and myself.  We are standing next to the school's peace pole.
About a dozen years ago, after hearing about Deirdre Imus Institute and Greening the Cleaning products (I was a loyal Imus listener) I called up and ordered all our cleaning products.  General Purpose Cleaner, Tub and Tile, Window cleaner, Floor Stripper, and Floor Wax.  We have used nothing but GTC products since.
As a fifth grade teacher in 1987 I rode the Rainbow Recycling truck for a day and learned about their services.  Foote has contracted with Rainbow to pick up our sorted recycling ever since (27 years!!).  They provide large rolling containers similar to a postoffice that we have in our Recycling Center, a 25' by 12 ' addition to our maintenance building.  Each classroom and office in the school has a 5th grader assigned to it that comes and collects all the recycling for that area.  The 5th grader is in charge of teaching that classroom or office what to recycle and whether they are doing a good job.  Kids take real pride in their work as recyclers and everyone at the school gets to do it during their 5th grade year.
We do not have a food service program at Foote, so every student brings a bag lunch.  Lunch is eaten in the homerooms.  Each homeroom has a metal composting bucket which food scraps go in.  It is emptied into a large outside composing pen of leaves and grass clippings every day.  The clippings, leaves, and food scraps are turned by backhoe once a month.  It makes amazing compost which we use all over campus for our shrubs and tree plantings. 
Grounds Care-
Our campus is about 13 acres with two large playgrounds and two full sized athletic fields.  No pesticides are used and any nourishment for the grass and soil comes from organic feedings: compost tea, egg castings, compost pellets.  We core aerate often and overseed.  We have been treating our grounds like this for over 15 years.  It took a while but our soils are all now rich and deep and our grass is thick and lush with deep roots. There may be a few weeds but they are green and get crowded out by the grass.
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