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newsletterv1-2_green_products_smStores across the country now have a new addition to their usual lineup of conventional cleaners.  Greening the Cleaning® products, which have successfully “greened” hospitals, schools and businesses nationwide, are now available for home use.
“The institutional line has proved to be so effective, that we wanted to offer the same products to homeowners,” says Mrs. Imus.  Two products are currently available in stores:  Glass Cleaner and All-Purpose Cleaner, with Laundry Detergent and Hand Dish Soap coming soon.  The glass cleaner leaves windows and mirrors streak-free, with no dangerous ammonia.  The all-purpose cleaner tackles almost any task, from countertops and toys to floors and bathrooms.  Both products are non-toxic and free of the carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens and endocrine disruptors often found in traditional products.  “And they work as well or better than conventional cleaners” says Mrs. Imus. 
All the retail products feature a light citrus-sage scent.  They are safe to use around children, which makes them a favorite with parents.  “We disclose all ingredients right on the bottle,” explains Deirdre Imus, “so people know exactly what they are buying.”  This is unlike most cleaning products on the market that list only active ingredients.  100% of all after tax profits from the sale of retail products go to The Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer in Ribera, New Mexico.
Here are what some of our customers are saying:
    I had absolutely taken for granted the fact that cleaning makes your eyes water and causes you to cough and sneeze to get a sparkling finish. In fact, I had associated 'clean" with the smells that irritated my senses. And unless I wore gloves, I knew that cleaning and polishing would irritate my hands. Now that I am using Greening the Cleaning, I'm thankful to tell you that all that is changing. Your products work as well as those toxic cleaners and there is only the faintest smell. -S.L., Mendon, VT
    I have a 3 year old granddaughter who always wants to help, especially when I am cleaning the glass doors. I was nervous about letting her use windex, etc. I ordered your cleaning products and now I feel comfortable letting her wipe down the glass. For years if I did not wear gloves while cleaning my hands broke out, cracked and became very sore. It took ages for them to heal. With your products I cleaned bathrooms, kitchen, etc without gloves and no effect on my hands. - Barbara, South Carolina
    While I enjoy the Imus Ranch food products...........I have to say I love the Greening and Cleaning products. The window cleaner is great and I used the all purpose cleaner (for the first time) on my Pergo floors - what a great CLEAN feeling. I have 3 dogs - needless to say they drool while I am cooking. With any other product I have to use a "scrubber" to get those spots off the floor, not so with your product !! -M.P., an Imus listener
Stores now carrying GTC® products:
Shop Rite
Health Nuts
P&C Markets
Quality Markets
Fairway Markets
Big M Markets
GTC® products coming soon to:
Whole Foods
Drug Fair
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Big Y
Vitamin World
Duane Reade
GTC® retail products are also offered online at
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