Greening The Cleaning

Spring Break With Traditional Cleaning Products

This spring, break with traditional cleaners and try greening your cleaning.  Here are some suggestions for how to use our third party-certified Greening The Cleaning® products to help wash away winter.   

Floors - salt and ice melt can dull shine and even damage floors.  Try GTC Clear Cut Floor Stripper and Zinc-Free Floor Finish to restore luster and protection.

gtc_clearcutfloorstrippercropped    gtc_zinc-freefloorfinish_cropped     

Carpets & Upholstery – holiday parties and winter weather can leave behind embedded dirt and hard to clean spots.  Use GTC Carpet & Upholstery Extraction Cleaner and GTC Carpet / Fabric Stain & Spot Remover to refresh furniture and fibers.    

     carpet_new_IMG_1341     Carpet_Spotter__New_for_CABVI                                          


Glass – Use GTC Glass & Window Cleaner to wipe away winter grime from windows to be sure you can see the first signs of spring!   




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