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A Miraculous Little Superfood

By Vicky and the V Well Team 5/13/15
What miraculous little superfood from China can aid in a multitude of health issues from high blood pressure to retina problems? Well the goji berry, of course! It is a rich source of amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals. It is interesting, just the other day I was doing a talk on healthy eyes and I showed everyone my handy dandy packet of goji berries. I was really surprised to find out how many people have never heard of these berries. For thousands of years, the goji berry has been regarded in Asia as one of the most nutritious, beneficial foods.
Today in Western culture, you can pick some up in your local specialty food store.
Now before I get into the extraordinary benefits of these incredible little berries, I really must share with you something I was taught many, many years ago by a lovely Chinese women. She used to bring me goji berries from Chinatown and told me not to eat them the way people in America do but rather to consume them as a tea as they do in China. I drink this tea daily. Basically it is as simple as this: I bring water to a boil and add the goji berries. Once it starts to boil, I put a lid on it and let it steam for 5-10 minutes. I then drink the delectable tea and consume the soft goji berries. By the way, important to note here – although I am considered legally blind due to an optic-nerve disease, when the doctors examined my eyes they told me my retinas are perfect and I would not even require reading glasses. I am not sure what role the goji berry has played in that, but I would venture to say it certainly hasn’t hurt, has it?
All types of berries are extraordinary. I recommend that all of you include some type of berry in your daily diet. But hey, why not try the goji berries? They are fun and delicious! Here are some of their benefits:
Goji berries may help to: 
• Prevent macular degeneration and improve eyesight 
• Strengthen bones and cartilage 
• Relieve sluggishness 
• Regulate body temperature 
• Lower blood pressure and blood sugar 
• Improve circulation 
• Lower cholesterol 
• Reduce blood sugar 
• Improve skin complexion 
• Slow the aging process 
• Repair liver and kidney damage 
• Improve men’s sexual health 
• Strengthen the immune system
These berries have been used in China for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. They really are touted as a miracle berry. I certainly can’t speak to all the benefits but I sure can tell you I have been drinking goji berry tea for the last ten years and I feel great. Why not try them?
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Vicky and the V Well Team
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