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Action Alert Farm Sanctuary

Urgent Action for Farm Animals Needed
As you probably heard, the New Jersey Assembly passed S998 this past Thursday, by a vote of 53-13. The bill will, when Gov. Christie signs it, make New Jersey the tenth state to ban tiny crates that confine pregnant pigs so tightly they cannot even turn around. 
Please — right now! — call the Governor’s office to voice your support for this critical legislation. 
The number is 609-292-6000. 
You can simply say, “My name is XXXXX, and I live in CITY. I am calling to strongly encourage Gov. Christie to sign S998, the animal protection bill that passed the Assembly last week.”
Ask whomever you speak with whether the Governor is going to sign the bill. If she or he doesn’t know, please ask for a call back with an answer.
Click here to find out more about gestation crates.
Please also send a follow-up message. 
And, please forward this message to all your friends and family, and post it on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.
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