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Warning: Glyphosate is Toxic and Everywhere

Cover_AF_72When it comes to our children’s health, it seems there is a new boogey monster every week. Whether mercury, bisphenol-A, phthalates, or something else, there is no shortage of carcinogens permeating our environment.  Read more


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Happy & Healthy Halloween

Cover_Autism_File_OctoberTrick-or-treating can be extra frightening for parents of kids on the spectrum. Advance planning for comfort and safety can set the stage for fun and memorable moments. Read more


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Green School Gear

large_august_autismThere are few times of the year as revitalizing as the beginning of fall, when children of all ages and temperaments wipe the slate clean and prepare to return to school. Read more



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The GMO Health Debate

Autism_file_april_may_coverWhat is a GMO? Surely by now you have heard of this three-letter combination,and maybe you know it has something to do with food. Read more



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Providing Help and Hope for Autism Families

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Environment-Enhancing Holiday Gifts
Just_Cover___Deirdres_Gift_GuideThe holiday season elicits a range of emotions, depending on your station in life. For some, this time is pure, overwhelming, uncontrollable joy.These people are mostly children. Read more

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Cold & Flu Season Is Almost Here- Take Control Of Your Family's Health

AF64_Green_Home_-_just_Cover_october15-1Much like birthdays, anniversaries,and the holidays, cold and flu season is one of those annual occurrences that just kind of sneaks up on you. Except instead of

parties, gifts, and good cheer, you’re stuck in bed sneezing, coughing, and battling a fever—or taking care of a family member doing the same. Read more
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Have a Safe Sun-Kissed Summer

June_July_2015_just_coverDespite longer days and a slower pace, summer goes by in a flash. We squeeze the most out of every drop of sunlight, each muggy night amidst the mosquitoes and crickets. And yet, the season can feel like it’s over before it even begins. Read more



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Time To Reboot

April_May_Just_CoverSpring cleaning is cliché, but sometimes clichés exist for a reason. In this case, it just makes good sense: as the seasons turn (finally!) and we bid winter a long overdue farewell, it’s time to purge your house/apartment/ office/playroom/garage/basement of all that stuff you don’t use anymore. And in the process, free your mind and body from the burden of clutter and dirt. Read more


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Aging Gracefully?

AF60_just_cover_2-25As the saying goes, life has few certainties. There is, however, one thing I know for sure, and it is happening to all of us at this very moment: we’re getting older. You’re older now than when you started reading this sentence. You’re younger now than you will be when you finish reading this article. It’s okay—we’re going to get through it together. Read more


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A Balancing Act

AF59_just_cover_2-12Electronics are ubiquitous in our everyday lives. We rely on a range of handy devices to wake us up in the morning, make us coffee, dry our hair, communicate with friends and family, read books, and much, much more. In this day and age, it is nearly impossible to exist without these items. Read more


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Gratitude And Giving

It is often during life’s most challenging times that we learn about gratitude. We are grateful for the help of family, for a friend’s unconditional support, or for a steaming cup of coffee. Sometimes, we are grateful simply because we know that no matter how difficult circumstances seem—and with kids of any nature, there are some doozies—usually, it could always be worse.  Read more

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Playground Pesticides

AF57_File_overAs parents, we rely on our children’s schools to provide more than just an education. Whether in a mainstream classroom or not, school is where our kids go to learn social skills, time management, sharing, independence, and other intangibles. Read More


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Summertime Stress-Busters
june_july_2014_autism_file_coverAs a kid, summer is everything. Just the word evokes a sense of nostalgia in most of us: carefree days and nights spent on the beach, chasing lightening bugs in the yard, licking melted ice cream off sticky fingers. Maybe you attended summer camp, played on a traveling sports team, or goofed off with friends at the neighborhood pool. Read more
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All In The Family
binder3_pdf_-_adobe_acrobat_pro-autism_file-1_pic_croppedIt was wise old Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, who said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. This adage feels particularly relevant when discussing our health. Keeping all the different systems of the body in good working order adds up to a better quality of life. Read more
A Class Act
autism_file_cover_augustWhen a child is diagnosed with autism or a related disorder, thescope of his or her lifechanges forever. One of the areas in which this differential can be most striking is education, and the list of questions facing  parents in this domain is exhaustive. Read more

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Tackle Your Homes Toxins
autism_file_january_pic-1_croppedAs parents, we devote a lot of time to protecting our children from the wide world out there, whether they’re on the autism spectrum or not. From school to sports to socializing, the worrying about their well-being feels endless, and often out of our control. There remains perhaps just one realm over which we, as parents, can preside to keep our kids safe and healthy: the home. Read more
A Season Of Opportunites
coverphoto_autism-1_resizeLook around! It’s fall, and that means color, color everywhere.
From the red and yellow hues of changing leaves to the golden autumn light, it’s impossible to lack artistic inspiration in this most vibrant time of year. Read more
Think Green For School Too
think_green_pdf-1How can the average parent keep their kids prepared for school, but also safe? Shop for PVC-free school supplies that won’t contaminate your child’s growing body or exacerbate symptoms in children on the autism spectrum. PVC products are often labeled with the word “vinyl.” Additionally, the number “3” might appear inside the universal recycling symbol, or look for the letters “V” or “PVC” below it.  Read more
A Weighty Issue-Autism File Magazine
april_may_2014_just_coverParents of children on the autism spectrum have countless thoughts running through their minds at any given moment. They deal with the worries all parents experience, like whether a child is generally happy, sick, or safe, and also with anxieties unique to their particular situation, like how to control mood swings, prevent violent outbursts, or ensure a child well past potty-training age will actually use the potty. Read more
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Going Green On A Budget
cover_autism_file_magazine_11113Of all the reasons to go green—health, style, environmental responsibility—affordability does not often top the list. Organic, natural products and food are typically more expensive than their conventional counterparts because manufacturers use better quality ingredients and less toxic growing practices, two factors for which consumers pay a premium. Read more

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Strategizing the Season
af47_pic_resizeWhatever you celebrate, wherever you live, one thing’s for sure: the holiday season is upon us, which means countless parties, presents, and potentially disastrous situations, especially if you’re caring for a child on the autism spectrum. Read more
Green Getaways
afilemag5712-1For many people, family vacations are a rite and a right, offering the oppurtunity to make memories, have a blast and escape from the chores of everyday life.  For families with children on the autism spectrum, however, taking a trip can require more work than staying home, especially since one of autism's hallmarks is the ferocity with which many kids cling to routine. Read more
Green Home, Healthy Kids
autismfilemagFor over a decade, I’ve been writing about harmful chemicals in our environment and how they jeopardize our children’s health and development. We have made significant strides in identifying, controlling and eliminating many toxic exposures but there is still an overwhelming amount of harmful chemicals that go unregulated in the market place and parents continue to be concerned about their safety. Read more
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