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Be Prepared

be_prepared_shutterstock_463742216By Jim Ronchi, Project Manager
As a young boy, I remember rolling my eyes as my dad told me every day be prepared in life. Later I heard it from my coaches as I approached a new season or opponent, then as I understood more, it was a daily speech to my own kids. Now, I think be prepared means more than ever. What does that really mean in a professional setting?

Being prepared means having plan B, C, D,  ready to go if the other shoe drops. This means investing some time and effort into asking the question, What could go wrong?” Then, whatever your answer is, build a plan and get some tools to protect yourself.1

During this pandemic, there was a lot out there that we were not prepared for and we had to adjust from minute to minute and hour to hour. One area that I dealt with on a daily basis was supplying products for the disinfection of surfaces in hospitals, daycares, businesses, homes and any area that had human interaction. Many manufacturers were not ready for such an influx of orders. Product was running out, limits were put on how much could be purchased, contractors whose main jobs were to clean and disinfect to protect people were now finding themselves critically low on supplies. What went wrong? Were companies not prepared or did they just not have a plan B, C or D?

This is where I believe our GTC team led by example.  We worked together with our partners to not only keep product available but offer it in different sizes. When stock was running low on RTU quart disinfectantDIC_1_Gallon bottles we offered it in gallon sizes so our customers did not have to worry about running out during peak outbreaks.

Being prepared is something I know will be looked at with more diligence than ever after this pandemic has passed.

I hope going forward we will all look at this experience and work together to determine what went right and wrong, what our challenges were and what lessons we learned. But one thing I am sure of is that we will be concentrating on Being Prepared!

Stay safe everyone and thank you to all our Healthcare workers and our Environmental Service team members who are also so critical in this fight against Covid-19.

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