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young_boy_cell_phone_shutterstock_148606004Cell Phone Radiation & Children's Health: What Parents Need to Know

Children are not just little adults; their growing minds and bodies make them uniquely vulnerable to the effects of the environment around them, including cell phone radiation. Read more


bonnie_cell_phoneGet a Safer Cell Phone
(Environmental Working Group radiation ratings)

Cell phone safety has been researched and debated for decades, with ties to cancer still hotly debated. Studies with humans have found cell phones can cause increased headaches related to longer call durations, as well as hotness and tingling around the ear. Other studies have found nerve cell damage and albumen leakage in mammalian brains from cell phones' microwave frequencies.

As much remains unknown, use the Precautionary Principle when deciding upon cell phone use with the child in your life. Kids' developing bodies, and especially developing brains, are particularly vulnerable to environmental insults. As with any healthcare issue, consult your doctor with any questions you may have, and become your own health advocate by bringing him or her the information you find so that you can discuss it and make informed decisions for you and your family.


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'Cancer Link' to Heavy Mobile Use (BBC News, February 11, 2008)
Heavy mobile phone use may be linked to an increased risk of cancer of the salivary gland, a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests.

Last updated 6-13-2017


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