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Comforting Thai Coconut Curry

Curry_photo_rebeccaComforting Thai Coconut Curry is the perfect winter dish- warming, flavorful, and delicious! Packed with protein, nutrients and antioxidants from vegetables, tofu, and coconut milk! This hearty dish makes the perfect lunch or dinner, and it will undoubtedly have you going back for seconds.



{ Gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar free}

I recommend using all Organic NON-GMO ingredients



1      Can of reduced fat coconut milk

3/4   Package of tofu

1      Medium russet potato

1      Small white onion

1      Medium orange pepper

1      Small head of broccoli

2      Large carrots

2      Cloves of garlic

2      Tablespoons red chili paste

3- 4  Tablespoons olive oil

1/2   Teaspoon crushed pepper

1      Teaspoon sea salt



Heat the oil with chopped garlic into a large frying pan. Add your diced and chopped white onions, russet potato, orange pepper, broccoli, and carrots. Cook until soft.

Add the tofu into the frying pan with vegetables and add oil if needed and cook until it is crispy.

Add coconut milk, curry paste, sea salt, and crushed pepper into the tofu vegetable mixture.

Cook curry until the coconut mixture thickens.

Place your coconut curry into a bowl and serve with rice if desired!

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