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Cottonseed Oil Makes Me Crazy

cotton_seed_washed_oil_2By Vicky & The V Well Team, 7/9/15
Recently, I have warned people to watch out for cottonseed oil if you’re buying canned oysters. Well cottonseed oil is in fact in many packaged products and it drives me so crazy so I really felt the need to blog about it. Friends, chances are, it really is lurking in your pantry!
I’m obviously not a big fan of canned foods but I understand their convenience. So let me tell you about the dangers of cottonseed oil so that you can at least reach for the better packaged-item choice. Years ago you could purchase a bag of peanuts and you could be pretty sure that it was roasted in canola oil (which is not great, but compared to cottonseed oil there’s no question that canola is better). And years ago if you purchased canned oysters or sardines in oil, there was a good chance the oil was olive oil.
Today, these companies have been switching it up and using cottonseed oil instead! There’s a distinct pungent, putrid taste and smell about cottonseed oil and that’s because it’s just full of toxins. It’s a very cheap oil and it acts just like any other oil (aside from quality and taste, of course), but the thing is, companies charge the same retail price for products with cottonseed oil as for products with healthier oils! It simply comes down to greed and taking advantage of consumer ignorance. Friends, we’re talking about COTTON here! I’ve heard from people that “cottonseed oil” doesn’t have the ring of a harmful toxin, so don’t be fooled. Imagine the looseness of pesticides and toxins that are in cottonseed oil.
So folks, in the case of Cottonseed Oil vs. Healthier Oils, it’s not a matter of spending more money, it’s just a matter of a tiny bit of awareness to choose the better product. And if you open up your pantry right now and go through every item I guarantee there will be something that contains cottonseed oil. You know what I’m about to say, toss it out immediately! In the words of Dr. Andrew Weil, “I regard it as unhealthy because it is too high in saturated fat and too low in monounsaturated fat. What’s more, cottonseed oil may contain natural toxins and probably has unacceptably high levels of pesticide residues.”
Dr. Weil: Is Cottonseed Oil Okay?
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