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Creating a Healthier You


11 Things You Can Do Now


1. Avoid toxins commonly found in household cleaners by switching to healthier, non toxic options.


2. Eat whole foods as the bulk of your diet.  Whole foods are unprocessed, unrefined and don't contain added ingredients. Examples include: vegetables, beans, legumes, raw nuts, grains and fruits.

Fruit___Vegetables_in_Water 3. Choose organic when you can, especially the following produce: apples, celery, strawberries, peaches, spinach, nectarines(imported), grapes(imported), sweet bell peppers, potatoes, blueberries(domestic), lettuce and kale/collard greens.
shutterstock_156470942 4. If you eat meat and fish, choose wisely.  Fish may commonly contain toxins like mercury, PCBs and dioxins. Choose organic, grass-fed beef and organic chicken to avoid all the antibiotics and growth hormones normally found in these foods.
Sam_Farm_stand 5. Buy local, whether it’s food, furniture or clothing, to support local economies and reduce energy consumption required by transporting goods.
I_Phone 6. Limit cell phone use --

 * Turn off your phone when not in use.
 * Never put the phone to your ear - use a headset, especially a corded device, or other hands-free method such as a speakerphone or  text.
 * Keep away from the head, eyes, salivary glands and reproductive organs - never in pants pockets.
 * Use by pregnant women, children and teenagers should be extremely limited.
 * Avoid using when reception is poor


7. Don’t smoke, and avoid secondhand smoke, especially around children and pregnant women.


8. Weed killer, ant/roach killers, and other pesticides for the home typically contain ingredients that are hazardous to kids, pets and the environment. Use integrated pest management (IPM) to minimize the use of pesticides inside and outside your home, including the lawn.


9. When renovating your home, use green building practices when possible. Install shower and faucet water filters to protect your family from microorganisms, chlorine and other illness-causing agents in water.


10. Consider integrative medicine when appropriate, which blends conventional medicine with complementary alternatives such as acupuncture, homeopathy, massage and reiki.  Make nutrition and exercise your first line of defense for a healthy body and mind.


11. Let go of unnecessary stress & negative attitudes, which can lead to or aggravate health conditions.


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