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December 2008 Newsletter

December 2008 Vol. 3 , No. 4   
Season's Greetings!
Winter 2008-2009 Newsletter
deirdre_thumbDear Friends, 
As we look toward this wintry season, we seek to bring you ways to create a warm, healthy home.  As more Americans spend time indoors over the next few months, indoor air quality is more important than ever.  See our update on triclosan and other antibacterials in everyday soaps and cleaning products that can actually do more harm than good, by lowering our resistance to antibiotics. We've long been proponents of good old-fashioned soap and water for cleaning hands, as well as natural ingredients for cleaning homes and public places.  As this research shows, time-tested, non-toxic cleaners are better for public health. 
 If you're like so many Americans who will get a flu shot, you may be wondering how to get the safest possible vaccination.  This was the subject of our Forum on Vaccines this past October, where experts from all sides presented their findings and debated the issues. For more on this, read Dr. Larwence Rosen's wrapup, which contains links to the webcast of this historic Forum, as well as speaker slides and resources. 
For more on the state of children's health, see our guest contributor article by Martha Slay, who writes about Spinal Muscular Atrophy, or SMA.  Like so many debilitating diseases, more research is needed into possible environmental causes.  Read on to discover the advocacy and everyday experiences of families living with a child affected by SMA.  
Thinking of meaningful ways to help children enjoy the holidays?  Karen Overgaard shines the spotlight on having fun with the kids in your life.  As a holistic pediatric nurse at The Whole Child Center, she brings us real-life experience, with fun craft and cooking ideas that kids will love.   
Wishing you a season of healthy celebrations,    
Deirdre Imus
Spinal_Muscular_AtrophyFight Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)
The No. 1 Cause of Death in Children Under Age Two
Katy and Scott Therriault and their young daughters, Alex and Ella, full of expectation and joy welcomed their beautiful baby boy, Billy, into their home on December 27, 2004. Their joy for Billy's arrival turned to alarm and sadness in just a few short months. Their infant son was beginning to lose muscle tone and showing difficulty nursing and breathing.  Billy was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) the number-one genetic cause of death in children under age 2.   Read more
Cleaning_ProductsCommon Cleaning Products 
May Do More Harm than Good
By Erin Speiser Ihde 
A recent study from researchers at the University of Michigan found that certain household cleaning products pose serious human health hazards.  Amid concerns about antibiotic resistance, the study found that widely-available household cleaners are key contributors.  Read more
Chase Away the Cold Winter Blues with Indoor
Crafts Made from Natural Or Recycled Materials
By Karen Overgaard, L.P.N.
Here are three quick crafts to put you and your children in touch and in the spirit -- plus a "nutty" recipe to enjoy at the same time:
1) A Natural Centerpiece
2) Make a Collage
3) "Feed the Birds"                Read more
Healthy Recipe:  Crostini with Olive Garlic Paté
These tasty, easy-to-prepare crostini make great hors d’oeuvres, or you can spread the paté on crackers for a delicious snack.  Read more
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