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Deirdre's Top 5 Back-to-School Tips


1. Toss Toxic School Supplies 
    • Avoid PVC (no vinyl backpacks, binders, notebooks, lunch bags &                 rain wear)
    • Look for “non-PVC” or “vinyl-free”
    • Buy nylon, canvas, leather or cloth backpacks 
2. Lunch Prep Pitfalls
    • Replace plastic water bottles and containers with stainless steel 
    • If plastic is necessary, opt for plastic with #2 label on the bottom
    • Don’t microwave foods 
3. Look Out for Labels
    • Buy organic when possible
    • Look for “non-GMO” on the package
    • Don’t be fooled by “natural” 
4. Clean chemical-free
    • Avoid school supplies and hand sanitizers marked with “antibacterial”         or “Microban” on the packaging
    • Encourage hand washing 
    • Use plant-based sanitizers made with essential oils 
5. Be Wireless Wise
    • Keep cell phones off, in lockers or backpacks (not in your pocket)
    • Know the school’s wireless and internet policies 
    • Avoid Bluetooth accessories
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