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Diets For Better Health And Prevention

Fruit___Vegetables_in_WaterProper nutrition is a critical part of health, and is even more important when you or are loved one are suffering from a food allergy, disease or illness. There are many diets, and not all will be appropriate.* Some are only intended for specific situations. Organic food, grown without pesticides, decreases dietary exposures to these toxic chemicals. Here are links to a few specific diets as well as to some of the latest thinking on the relationship between diet and health.



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Fruit___VegetablesEat Your Way to Great Health




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The Feingold Diet

Did you know that synthetic food additives in the ice cream, cookie, and potato chips you select could have a direct effect on a child’s behavior, health, and ability to learn?

There are numerous scientific studies supporting diet therapy. The Feingold Program seeks to eliminate food additives:

    Artificial (synthetic) coloring
    Artificial (synthetic) flavoring
    Aspartame (an artificial sweetener)
    Artificial (synthetic) preservatives BHA, BHT, TBHQ

The Feingold Program itself is a test to determine if certain foods or food additives are triggering particular symptoms. It is basically the way people used to eat before "hyperactivity" became a household word, and before asthma and chronic ear infections became so very common.

Visit the site to learn more about this approach, about improving school nutrition, and more.

1Galland, Leo. "Nutritional Therapy for Crohn's Disease." Fourth Annual Sympoium on Alternative Therapies New York. Mar 3, 1999.

For more information and other research on this diet, click here.

Kenneth A. Bock, MD, FAAFP, FACN, CNS
Dr. Kenneth Bock is co-founder and co-director of the Rhinebeck Health Center in Rhinebeck, N.Y., and The Center for Progressive Medicine in Albany, N.Y.. He is also the author of "Healing the New Childhood Epedemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies: The Ground Breaking Program for the 4-A Disorders"

Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
Dr. Joel Fuhrman is the author of Disease-Proof Your Child, and Eat To Live: The Revolutionary Plan for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss as well as other nutritional books.

Interview with Dr. Fuhrman on "The Vegan Lunchbox"

Vegetarian/Vegan Diets

Vegetarian Starter Kit from Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine -- Visit this site for news, views and recipes from the veg community, as well as a free e-newsletter.

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