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Deirdre_approved_new_photo_11-6_FinalI hope this winter issue finds you well and safe, and that the information and resources below are helpful.

With COVID-19, this year’s holiday season may be a bit different as people wrestle with travel and what is right for themselves and their families. Even in a normal cold and flu season, there will always be things we cannot control that can trigger stress and anxiety, which can make us more susceptible to illness. Focus instead on the many positive actions we can take to keep us healthy and happy to protect ourselves and those we love.  As my gift to you, click here for my top 10 tips for this holiday season.

Wishing you health and wellness.


Training New Doctors in Environmental Health

Doctors_shutterstock_168767105_croppedSince the COVID 19 pandemic hit earlier this year, understandably the focus for all of us—and for our health care system-- has been the fight against the virus. Read more>>



GTC Luxurious Foaming Hand Soap: Helping to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Hand_soap_tweet_shutterstock_1730495671Respiratory viruses like COVID-19 and influenza spread when mucus or droplets containing the viruses get into your body through your eyes, nose or throat.Viruses can also spread easily via our hands. Read more>>


"HUMC to Home, Health. Harvested."

humc_to_home_-_farm_stand_open_with_Mark_Sparta_8-2020_reviseOn August 11th The Deirdre Imus Environmental Center® held the grand opening of the Farm Stand at Hackensack University Medical Center “HUMC to HOME, Health. Harvested.” --a sustainable farmers’ marker located on the medical center campus. Read more>>


Healthy Recipes

kids_cookingTaste something new this season, Find a Recipe>>



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