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Fall Newsletter 2017


September 2017                                                                      Vol. 12 / No. 3


Dear Friends:

The start of school brings with it new beginnings for many of our children. Whether it’s navigating a new schedule or a new building, kids need a healthy place to learn and grow. For millions of families, especially those whose children have asthma and other health or learning issues, it also means ensuring that their child’s school won’t make them sick or interfere with their learning. For tips and ways to help ensure your child’s school is healthy, Click here

In this issue, we celebrate the kids right here on our medical center campus, those who attend the Sarkis and Siran Gabrellian Child Care and Learning Center. As a model of a sustainable child care facility and one of the largest day cares in the country, this community of learners embraces what it means to grow healthy!

This summer, our Center has been busy partnering with schools to help teach the fundamentals of healthier cleaning through our Greening The Cleaning® program. This issue, we highlightone of our new clients, Beacon Converters, a facility right here in northern NJ.

Another step in community health education is our bee hive initiative, right here on the Hackensack University Medical Center campus. At the DIEHC, our work – and passion - encompasses all of these aspects of sustainability working in symphony. Thank you for sharing in this process each and every day.

My best,

Deirdre Imus


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New GTC Client - Beacon Converters

Congratulations to Beacon Converters on the recent grand opening of their new location in Saddle Brook, NJ.  The 70 year old sterilization packaging manufacturing company continues to flourish. Read more


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