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Fall Newsletter 2018


September 2018                                                                    Vol. 13 / NO. 3


Dear Friends,

The fall signals new beginnings as a fresh school year starts, and a time for reflection and thanks. Here at the Center, we give thanks for our summer interns for the assistance they’ve provided over the past few months, and for the work we’re able to do at the Center every day. We thank you for supporting us in this journey of education, research and outreach.

In this issue, as families transition back to school, my blog highlights the importance of creating healthy school facilities so children can have access to clean water, air, classrooms and outdoor spaces. We also deliver tips and tricks to make back-to-school healthy for them and sustainable for the planet. Our Medical Advisor, integrative physician Ben Kligler, MD, discusses solutions for kids’ screen time, which is challenging for so many families. As always, we encourage you to step outside to explore nature, particularly trees, whether it’s down a city block or a rural path.  

We also give you tips for healthy carpet cleaning as the beginning of the fall holiday season approaches, and healthy recipes to savor. We hope this is a season of positive new beginnings for you and yours.

Wishing you health and wellness,

Deirdre Imus


Trees, Their Power and Protection

Big_Tree_shutterstock_crop_790465855Of the many things we take for granted in this life, it’s safe to say trees are at the top of the list. They are essential to human existence. Read more


Screen Time and Keeping Kids Healthy

Child_on_tablet_shutterstock_453157573The impact of the growth in the amount of time our kids spend staring at electronic screens has been a subject of concern for parents and pediatricians for over a decade. Read more


Healthier Back to School Shopping

Girl_School_ShoppingAs parents across the country send their kids back to school, the isles of big-box stores become crowded with shoppers picking up everything from file folders to snacks. Read more


Partnering with Students to Spur Change

Green-Team-Press-Release-Photo-003-300x200_(1)Back in 2017, we partnered with the Montclair State PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies.  The Institute developed a paid summer green team program where it brings together students from colleges and universities and places them within communities or companies to develop solutions to sustainability problems. Read more


Beyond Back to School

school_back_shutterstock_108173030The only thing more inevitable than the long, lazy days of summer is the return to school at each summer’s end. For parents and teachers alike it’s a time filled with planning and purchasing and preparation. Read more



For Our Institutional GTC® Clients: Carpet Cleaning with Extractor System

carpet_extractor_rug_shutterstock_1063381166Carpets can create a rich and lavish look in many facilities while evoking a warm, home-like feeling.  On the flip-side, a carpet that is not properly maintained can, as they say in our business, “Ugly Out” very quickly. Read more

Environmental Health Legislation
Legislation is an important tool for improving environmental health nationwide. Click here to take action and get involved.

Healthy Recipes

Taste something new this year, click here to view our delicious recipes.



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