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Fall Newsletter 2020

September 2020                                                                      Vol. 15 / No. 3


Dear Friends,

As we head into fall, this back-to-school season looks and feels like none we’ve ever experienced. In this issue, we offer you some just-in-time guidance, beginning with my blogon the psychological and social impacts of the pandemic – a serious but often overlooked issue. (This will be the first in a series on children’s health in the time of COVID-19.)

Also in this issue: 

  • With clean classrooms on everyone’s mind, we offer some important tips on cleaning schools during a pandemic.
  • Medical advisor and family physician Ben Kligler, MD covers truly helpful strategies for navigating these trying times.
  • For those who find themselves spending more time in the kitchen but need to add some variety to meals, our healthy recipes will mix things up.

Whatever your circumstances, it is vital to find reasons for gratitude in these times, from friends and family, to things big and small that we may be taking for granted.

We are especially thankful for your continued support in our efforts to improve children’s environmental health. We are also thankful (and proud) that the medical center here was recently named one of Practice Greenhealth’s Top 25 Hospitals for environmental sustainability – for the seventh year in a row.

Here’s to finding more reasons for gratitude in the school year and the season ahead!

My best,

Deirdre Imus


Back to School? The Psychological and Social Impact on Children's Health

child_mask_school_shutterstock_1676759620In times of crisis, information is often incomplete or becomes muddled, making decisions more difficult. Read more 


Crisis and Opportunity

UV_light_shutterstock_1678636204When I last wrote, the COVID-19 pandemic was just recently upon us, and we were geared up for a tough but (we assumed) time-limited spell of social distancing and other preventive measures. Read more

Hackensack University Medical Center Recognized by Practice Greenhealth as One of the Top 25 Hospitals in the U.S. for the 7th Consecutive Year

practice_Green_Health_2020Hackensack University Medical Center is one of only three hospitals in the nation — and the only hospital in the tri-state area — to receive this prestigious recognition for the seventh year in a row. Read more

Guidelines for Getting Back to School During a Pandemic

Pandemic_back_to_school_shutterstock_1728809044As government and schools discuss opening again this fall, we have to look at it in a very different way. COVID-19 has not gone away and is still spiking in many states. Read more

Environmental Health Legislation
Capitol_HillLegislation is an important tool for improving environmental health nationwide. Click here to take action and get involved. 
Healthy Recipes

kids_cookingTaste something new this season, click here to view our delicious recipes.



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