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Fall Newsletter 2022


September 2022                                                               Vol. 17 / No. 3

As we've heard so often in the last three years, we hope this finds you well and safe. With fall upon us, and changes all around us, our thoughts and hearts turn to everyone from the Caribbean to Florida and the east coast, where we've witnessed historic devastation and tremendous heroism. We also pay tribute to those in Ukraine, calling for environmental health research and support.
Wherever you call home, it's vital to find reasons for gratitude in these times, from friends and family, to things big and small that we may be taking for granted.
In this issue, we are especially thankful for your continued support in our efforts to improve children's environmental health. We continue to focus our research efforts on everyday environmental exposures with the goal of improving public health. As part of our ongoing commitment to innovative health research, our current study is focused on COVID-19 recovery. Co-sponsored by our Center, this crucial endeavor was featured on CBS news stations around the country.
We are also thankful (and proud) that the work we do to protect our environment garnered national recognition for Hackensack Meridian Health and Hackensack University Medical Center specifically, as a top 25 green hospital in the country for eight consecutive years according to Practice Greenhealth. Reducing exposures to harmful chemicals is a specific area of focus within Practice Greenhealth and our Greening The Cleaning® program, developed over 20 years ago, is the cornerstone of our ongoing achievement. Today, it's no secret our health is directly impacted by unnecessary exposure to the toxins in traditional cleaning products, the magnitude of which we may not realize for years to come. 
We also highlight the advantages of green cleaning for healthier indoor spaces. As our green cleaning expert explains, the last 35 years has seen an evolution in cleaning that is all the more relevant today as facilities of all sizes work to save time, energy and money. 
With fall planting season here, Dr. Ben Kligler's article features the healthy, healing powers of gardening, whether it's a single planter on a back stoop or multiple beds in a wide open space. Research points to community gardening as even more health-promoting, showing the power of people coming together for a mutual cause and connection. 
As always, find our healthy recipes when you need them this season.
Wishing you health and wellness, 
What Does Your Garden Grow

Community_Garden_9-8-20_cropBy Ben Kligler, MD. I have written a number of times in this newsletter on the many reasons to eat a healthy—organic if possible—diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Read more



Environmental Health in Ukraine: Lessons from 9/11

Girl_in_smog_shutterstock_598684775When the world witnessed the full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the impact of fear, anguish, and anger reverberated around the world. The human toll in only the first few months of the war stood at 12,272 civilian casualties in Ukraine: 5,237 killed and 7,035 injured as of July 24, 2022. Read more


Green Cleaning-The Way Back

Glove_green_thumbs_upI have been working with Environmental Services in Healthcare for over 35 years and I have witnessed a lot of changes. Just in the last 10 to 15 years, we have seen remarkable progress in the use and formulation of green cleaning chemicals, the focused efforts on recyclable materials and more sustainable purchasing in the workplace. Read more


Healthy Recipe
kids_cookingTaste something new this season, click here to view our delicious recipes.





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