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Flavorful Fall Persimmon Bowl

PerissimonRecipe and Photo courtesy of Rebecca DeSimone
This Persimmon Smoothie Bowl is fall in a bowl. Every decadent bite is packed with bursting flavor and nutrients. Persimmons are an immense source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Manganese, antioxidants, fiber, and so much more! This simple-hearty breakfast / lunch will have you feeling satisfied and full of energy.

I Recommend using all Organic Non-gmo ingredients 

 3/4   Frozen persimmon
 1      Frozen banana
 1      Tablespoon of flax meal
 1/2   Teaspoon of cinnamon
 1      Pinch of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
 1      Cup of Sugar-free Almond milk ( or your dairy free milk of choice)
 * optional* 1-2 tablespoons of unflavored collagen for protein

Toppings * Optional*:
Sliced Persimmon
Whatever you like! ⁃ I drizzled with my own chocolate syrup -- 1 tablespoon dark cocoa powder and 1/4 cup maple syrup, YUM. 

1.      Place your flax meal, cinnamon, sea salt, dairy-free milk of choice, and optional collagen into a blender until it is a blended liquid-consistency!
2.      Add your frozen banana and persimmon into the liquid.
3.      Blend liquids and fruit until it is a a thick smoothie consistency, you can add more milk depending on the texture you would like it!
4.      Place your beautiful fall persimmon smoothie into a bowl, if you desire you can optionally put on toppings.
5.      Enjoy! 

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