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Something Stinks Under Your Sink

By Deirdre Imus, June 1, 2016
According to a new report released last week, a toxic chemical that is also a known hormone disruptor is more pervasive than ever. You may have just yawned upon reading that sentence, or thought to yourself, “What else is new, Deirdre?” Read more


What's That Smell? The Not So Sexy Truth About Fragrance

By Stacy Malkan for PSR-From Halle Berry’s signature scent to JLo’s Glow, the sleek perfume bottles promise love, joy, and celebrity appeal. But what they won’t tell you is what’s on the inside: complex mixtures of undisclosed chemicals linked to asthma, allergies, hormone disruption, and other health effects. Read more


Why Go Fragrance Free?
By Erin Ihde-On a recent trip to the mall, I noticed scented air wafting from several stores. It turns out, “scent and aroma marketing” is a new trend to enhance the consumer experience and lure families to spend more time (and money) in stores. Read more


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