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Green Your Kid's School Now-7 Secrets To Getting It Done

1. Ask your school principal or administrator for the product name of all the cleaning supplies used. Ask to see the full list of ingredients. You have the right to ask and know.  If they use products that don't list all ingredients then it isn't a green product.You want to know what chemicals if any your child is being exposed to. Our GTC products have full disclosure of all ingredients and don't contain chemicals that are carcinogenic, neurotoxicants, hormone or endocrine distruptors.

2. Beware of Greenwashing! “Greenwashing” is the act of misleading purchasers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service. In order to compete in a market that demands “green” products, some manufacturers have resorted to creative advertising to mislead the customer about the nature of their product. So, make sure you know ALL ingredients in the products you purchase and carefully examine all environmental claims to ensure the environmental benefits they seek are reflected. Furthermore, always ask for a copy of the product standards, testing protocol and third party testing.

3. Ask your school to adopt a green cleaning policy.

4. Ask moms and dads to help you advocate for the use of green cleaners- create a support system. Click here for ideas.

5. Ask your school to test trial green cleaners.

6. Talk with other schools that have greened their cleaning or click here for a list of our client testimonials.

7. Call us at 551-996-8047 or email Jim Ronchi at  to Green The Cleaning at your school.

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