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Greening Healthcare

officeimg_0004editThe Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center®  is dedicated to improving indoor air and eliminating toxins from the environment.  It is fitting that our award-winning Greening The Cleaning® program originated at Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC). Since 2001, it  has become a springboard for other healthcare facilities to learn not only about the advantages of green cleaning, but to accelerate programs that put broader greening concepts into practice.  


We believe in leading by example and have worked with HUMC, a 501 (c) (3) not for profit corporation, to make its new Siran Gabrellian Women's and Children's Pavilion a showcase for green building and sustainability.

We believe in the value of holistic, integrative medicine that considers the potential impact of environmental factors on disease -- and wellness.

We believe in the importance of a healthy, organic diet, free of pesticides and animal hormones.

This page summarizes content and resources related to greening healthcare.

 Deirdre Imus's Mission to Green up Toxic Hospitals

Hospitals Go Green
(Wall St. Journal)

The Sarkis & Siran Gabrellian Women's & Children's Pavilion at Hackensack University Medical Center

Pavilion Introduction
Women's and Children's Hospital Named Top 10 Green Hospitals In Country
Tour the Gabrellian Women's and Children's Pavilion

Learn more about one of America's first environmentally responsible and sustainable healthcare facilities as seen in this pull out insert in the The New York Times.

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Green Guide for Healthcare
"Best Practices for Creating High-Performance Healing Environments"

Teleosis Institute

The Teleosis Institute is an educational non-profit organization devoted to reducing the environmental impact of health care. The Institute promotes sustainable medical practices and works in partnership with the health care community to build a movement for positive social and environmental change. Teleosis serves health care professionals through the following interlinked areas:

Leadership in Green Health Care Online Course
The Green Pharmacy Program
Symbiosis: The Journal of Ecologically Sustainable Medicine
Environmental Health Brochures 
Green Health Care Newsletter

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