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Greening You

Continue on your journey to a healthier lifestyle by effectively greening your life!  Learn how to improve your everyday choices, and experience a greener you!


11_things_coverCreating a Healthier You:

11 Things You Can Do Now 
Switch out traditional cleaning products for non-toxic ones.



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Healthy Kids, Happy Moms, Pretty Planet

9 Things You Can Do Now- Read more




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 How_to_live_green_photoHow To Live Green

 Simple tips on how to get started 




bonnie_cell_phoneCell Phone Safety

Cell phone safety has been researched and debated for decades, with ties to cancer still hotly debated. Studies with humans have found cell phones can cause increased headaches related to longer call durations, as well as hotness and tingling around the ear. Other studies have found nerve cell damage and albumen leakage in mammalian brains from cell phones' microwave frequencies...Read more



What's in Your Closet?

Greener clothes, shoes and accessories are those made from "sustainable" products, i.e, those made from renewable resources, and those made with fewer or safer chemicals. Denim jeans, for example, is made from cotton, typically grown with a number of hazardous agricultural chemicals which may enter our groundwater or linger in the environment for years. However, "organic" cotton is grown without these.  


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