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Greening Your Baby

Mother_and_SonThere's a new movement under way to go green -- starting from the first days of life. A well-balanced diet is the basic foundation of good health that you can give your children, and the best moment to develop their palates is at the very beginning of their lives.



Bringing Up Baby Organically - Article from WebMD

Getting Healthy BEFORE You Get Pregnant......


Now a New York Times bestseller!
Green This! Growing Up Green, Baby and Child Care

The second volume in the New York Times bestselling Green This! series from Deirdre Imus, Growing Up Green, Baby and Child Care (Simon & Schuster), is an essential parent-friendly guide to raising a healthy child in our increasingly toxic environment.  



Green Pediatrics  
In her New York Times bestselling book, Growing Up Green, Baby and Childcare, Deirdre Imus writes about "Green Pediatricians."  The term "green" is generally meant as an environmentally-conscious label. Green products are considered safe for the environment and healthier for people who use them. Are green doctors the same? 

Milk Alternatives

While milk is marketed as necessary for growth and strong bones, it may also have negative health effects that are seldom publicized.

Children's Environmental Health

Baby Products

Sun Safety

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