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Greening Your Life, Vol. 7 / No. 1, March 2012


Dear Friends,


This season is all about awakening the senses and bringing fresh elements into our lives.  At the top of our list is food. What we eat defines us, and can either drag us down and contribute to ill health, or give us energy to flourish.


Few ingredients are more ubiquitous in the American diet than food dyes.  They’re everywhere, especially in processed snacks our kids eat every day.  In his article, Dr. Lawrence Rosen cites many possible clinical reactions to these toxins, including restlessness, hyperactivity, distractibility, inattention, cognitive/memory deficits, sleep disruption, mood swings, irritability, anxiety, and depression.  Does any of this sound familiar in your family?  Many of the same chronic conditions may also be improved with detoxing. In this issue, holistic nurse Maureen McDonnell gives us some easy-to-follow tips to discuss with your doctor if you decide to “cleanse” this spring.  In celebration of moms as Mother’s Day approaches, Dietician Rebecca Hirsch makes the nutrition and breast cancer link understandable for us all, with tips to follow every day.

If your family wants to get healthier, it’s time to join us at the Center to make life-giving changes.  Let us know how things change for you!
Yours in health,
Deirdre Imus
  Food Dyes: Impact on Children's Health

Health professionals – nurses, dieticians, physicians, public health workers, social workers and others – see every day the downstream impacts of a broken food system. They are on the front lines of the American epidemics of obesity and related chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer. Cancer and other diseases are increasingly linked to pesticide use and other toxins rife within our food and farming system. Like successful policy changes to curb tobacco use, public action by health professionals is urgently needed to support a healthier food system for all Americans, including more sustainable farms to grow and produce healthy food. Read more!

  Join Me For a Spring Detox!
With the current dominance the pharmaceutical industry has over the medical profession, common sense approaches to staying or regaining our health are often ignored.  We live in a time when drugs are prescribed for symptoms such as headaches, elevated cholesterol, poor attention, depression, PMS, irritability, GI distress (to name a few),  when in actuality, those symptoms often represent an  underlying imbalance in the body that can frequently be corrected with alterations in lifestyle, dietary changes, proper supplementation and varying degrees of detoxification. Read more

The Nutrition and Breast Cancer Link

It is widely known that healthy eating and exercise are critical to reducing breast cancer risk and helping with breast cancer treatment. However, questions remain for many women: What is “healthy eating”? How often is one expected to be physically active? With the likelihood of one in eight women developing breast cancer, are these factors really a way to reduce the risk of developing this disease? Read more

  Environmental Health Legislation

Legislation is an important tool for improving environmental health nationwide. Click here for a list of important legislation and bills that we are tracking as well as links to some model legislation.

  Healthy Recipe:  Deirdre's Buckwheat Soba Noodles
Read more 



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