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Greening Your Life, Vol. 7 / No. 2, June 2012

veronskyphotocroppedDear Friends,
Summer usually means a more relaxed time, with opportunities to get outdoors and savor the warmer weather.  In this issue, we bring you the tools to help kids enjoy the sun safely with Dr. Rosen’s article, "Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin Meets Sunscreen".
With summer barbecues and picnics approaching, we’ve got you covered with healthy recipe ideas from coleslaw to veggie burgers.  Holistic Nurse Maureen McDonnell covers digestive wellness to ensure your crowd stays healthy all season long.
No matter what this summer brings you, our mission remains to deliver the tools you need to keep ‘greening’ your family, your home and your community.  Be sure to check out our new Greening the Cleaning website, and keep sending us your tips and questions.  Here’s to a summer we all can savor!
Wishing you health and wellness,
Deirdre Imus
rosenVitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin Meets Sunscreen
Summertime.   After a spring with some much-needed rain in the Northeastern U.S., we are turning our thoughts to sunny days at parks, playgrounds, beaches and pools.  The promise of warm sunshine on our skin seems soothing but also provokes worries about sun overexposure and risk of skin cancer.  A new study on vitamin D and sunscreen furthers our understanding of how so many of us have become deficient. Read more
maureenmcdonnell_croppedDigestive Wellness Made Easy
I think I’ll spare myself the embarrassment and not share with you the nickname my friends gave me in high school as a result of my digestive problems.   I now know that the diet of my youth which consisted of:  bologna sandwiches made with Wonder Bread, soda, milk and Twinkies was at the root of my problem.  But I sure didn’t know that then.  All I knew was that the constant bloating and gas were sources of embarrassment and pain! Read more
cropped_ruth4Lunch Time's Lessons
On Thursdays in our office, always busy with the end of the work week approaching, I’d hear the sound of our volunteer Ruth’s footsteps and know that extra help had arrived. “Good morning!” she’d say with a beautiful smile.  After a few hours of helping out in the office, she’d ask, “Are you going to the cafeteria today?  The chocolate frozen yogurt is the best.”  Over sandwiches arose conversations of family, kids, work and life. Read more
Capitol_HillEnvironmental Health Legislation
Legislation is an important tool for improving environmental health nationwide. Click here for a list of important legislation and bills that we are tracking as well as links to some model legislation.
veggie_saute_resizedHealthy Recipes
When we choose what to eat, we influence our health with each bite. Click here to view delicious, healthy recipes.
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