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Greening Your Life, Vol. 7 / No. 4 , December 2012


December 2012 Vol. 7 , No. 4

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As caregivers, the holiday season is prime time for attempting to “do it all,” and getting worn down with colds and flu.  This issue we’re here with real-life solutions to not only get you through it, but help you enjoy the season!   So relax for a few minutes, and learn from our experts.  Dr. Rosen calms fears with his  "Fever Phobia" article for everyone who cares for kids.   Holistic nurse Maureen McDonnell follows up with common sense approaches for winter colds and flu. Special tips in "Healthy Heat" offers essentials to help you warm up your home safely – a must read for every family.

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Deirdre Imus

  Common Sense Approaches to Preventing and Treating the Winter Cold and Flu.
Just today I saw about 10 different signs advertising the flu vaccine. I’ll never understand why, instead of this massive ad campaign, our physicians don’t encourage the use of  immune boosting herbs such as Echinacea and Elderberry or recommend that we drink fresh-made vegetable juice, use essential oils, or take Omega 3’s and Vitamin D.  Actually, I do know why:  except for a few docs who have broken from the pack, physicians are not trained in nature’s healing secrets. Read more
  Fever Phobia
The number one reason parents call their pediatrician is what many of us call “Fever Phobia.”  It was Dr. Barton Schmitt who first popularized the term in an article published in 1980.  Many parents still believe that fever can cause serious neurological damage, so they treat fever aggressively with medications.  Not much has changed over the past 30-plus years since Dr. Schmitt’s observation. Despite rising concerns about the overuse of OTC anti-fever medications like acetaminophen and ibuprofen, “fever phobia” is alive and well. Read more
  Healthy Heat

With the arrival of winter and the holiday season, the temperatures cools down and the increase of fuel-burning appliances in homes goes up. These appliances may include generators, space heaters, ovens, furnaces, and fireplaces. While it’s comforting to get cozy and warm inside, heating systems can also pose a toxic threat to humans and animals. Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, CO, can rise in the home at any time of the year, but the greatest potential is during the winter season. Read more

  Environmental Health Legislation

Legislation is an important tool for improving environmental health nationwide.Click here  for a list of important legislation and bills that we are tracking as well as links to some model legislation.


Healthy Recipe

When we choose what to eat, we influence our health with each bite. Click here to view delicious, healthy recipes.
  Fox News Health Blog

Each week, Deirdre Imus' Fox News Health Blog, Green Your World, translates the top environmental health issues with practical insight and tips for you and your family. For a list of topics, click here.




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