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Greening Your Life, Vol. 8 / No. 4, December 2013


December 2013 Vol. 8 , No. 4

Dear Friends

As winter approaches and we spend more time indoors, this issue offers tools to stay healthy and recharge during the busy holiday season. To help make gift-giving a breeze, check out my eco-friendly gift guide with ideas for everyone on your list. With food as the center of many celebrations, holistic nurse Maureen McDonnell writes on "Meat or No Meat", emphasizing healthy choices for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. As you plan holiday gatherings, be sure to see our healthy recipes for quick, nutrition-packed ideas.  As Hippocrates so wisely said, "Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food. The importance of choosing healthy food and healthy products is backed by the latest research, suggesting that a single toxic exposure may be passed on through several generations. To find out more about the lasting danger of toxic chemicals, click here.

To keep you in your best health on cold winter days that allow for a little R&R, see Dr. Rosen's "Top 5 Books for Thriving this Winter."  They are sure to chase away the winter blues and transform your outlook, just in time for the new year. 




  The Top 5 Books For Thriving This Winter
By Lawrence Rosen, MD

Depending on where you live, winter can be a time of contraction – shorter days, less sunlight, colder weather.  It’s important to remain balanced, focusing on lifestyle strategies (e.g., nutrition, exercise, rest/relaxation) to promote optimal physical and emotional health.   One of my favorite wintertime activities is reading; curled up with a good book, by a warm fire, with nothing else to do or think about.  To help support your efforts to stay healthy and centered, here are my top 5 books to beat the winter blues. Read more

  Meat Or No Meat
By Maureen McDonnell. BS, RN
I’d like to start this discussion with my favorite quote by Vaclav Havel:  “Follow those who seek the truth-Run from those who say they’ve found it”.   In my younger years, when arrogance dominated most of my discussions about health, I might have offered a strong opinion and given what I deemed “the right answer” to this nutritional dilemma.  But thankfully with older age, comes a little wisdom, and the truth is - I don’t have the answer as to whether or not being a vegan (avoiding all foods from animal origin), some version of a vegetarian, or eating meat is right for you. Read more
  GTC™ Product News

See what's new and innovative with our GTC™ product line. Click here to learn more. 100% of all profits from GTCTM Greening The Cleaning® products go to the Center for supporting the GTCTM program in addition to funding education and research to identify, control and ultimately prevent toxic exposures in the environment that threaten our children’s health.  

  Environmental Health Legislation

Legislation is an important tool for improving environmental health nationwide. Click here for a list of important legislation and bills that we are tracking as well as links to some model legislation.


Healthy Recipes

When we choose what to eat, we influence our health with each bite. Click here to view delicious, healthy recipes.
  Fox News Health Blog

Each week, Deirdre Imus' Fox News Health Blog, Green Your World, translates the top environmental health issues with practical insight and tips for you and your family. For a list of topics, Click here.



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