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Growing Up Green, Baby and Childcare

Now a New York Times Bestseller!  


Green This! Growing Up Green, Baby and Child Care 

An essential, parent-friendly guide 
to raising a healthy child in an 
increasingly toxic environment 
The second volume in the New York Times bestselling Green This! series from Deirdre Imus, Growing Up Green, Baby march-2008-growing-up-greenand Child Care (Simon & Schuster) is a complete guide to raising healthy kids.  Environmental activist and children's advocate Deirdre Imus addresses specific issues faced by children in every age group -- from infants to adolescents and beyond.
The book became a bestseller less than two weeks after its release in bookstores April 15. 2008.
100% of the author's profits from this book will benefit the Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer.
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With a focus on prevention rather than treating childhood illnesses, Deirdre concentrates on educating and empowering parents with information such as: 
•How to make sure your child is vaccinated safely.
•Which plastic bottles and toys are least toxic.
•How to lobby for safer school environments and support children's environmental health studies.
•Advice from leading "green" pediatricians and nationally recognized doctors such as Lawrence Rosen, M.D. and Manny Alvarez, M.D. 
Chock full of research and advice, Growing Up Green makes it easy for you to introduce your child to the "living green" way of life. 
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